Manufacturing Services

Advanced Solutions & Controlls LLC leverages state-of-the-art technology and advanced design approaches to deliver turn-key custom solutions. With over 20 years of experience in providing manufacturing solutions, no project is too large or small. Whether your facility is in need of a complete upgrade, component upgrade, retrofit or new design, ASC delivers a partnership approach that ensures your needs are met. The ASC suite of solutions includes system integration, robotic solutions, industrial controls and panel building to ensure a truly turn-key solution.

UL 508A Panel Shop

ASC is a fully registered and certified UL 508 Panel Shop, along with additional certifications such as UL 698, CE, Intertek ETL, EPRI, if you project requires it. We pride ourselves on quality and go beyond certification requirements to give our customers ASC craftsmanship they deserve. To find out why UL is important see our about page.

Turn-Key Builds / Installation

ASC offers peace with our Turn-Key services, utilizing our solutions-provider approach enables projects to mature from simple panel design to fully integrated robotic solutions, custom machine design and fabrication, industrial controls and integrated IoT.
  • Robotic Solutions: ASC evaluates every project to integrate the most robust robotic technology for each application. Our controls engineering team delivers the experience and expertise to successfully recommend, implement and program the optimal robotic package for multiple industries. Robotic solutions enable market differentiation and state-of-the-art enhancement of operations.
  • Custom machine design and fabrication: ASC utilizes over 20 years of custom machine design and fabrication experience to provide robust and modernized solutions. Complex design requirements are second nature and expediency surpasses that of most custom engineering firms. ASC leverages industry leading collaborators, delivering state-of-the-art machine designs and fabrication solutions.
  • Industrial Controls & Panel Building: Panels are designed with specific operational goals in mind. Industrial Controls are second nature to the ASC design team, allowing for state-of-the-art integrations and upgrade solutions. ASC has an intense focus on safety, accuracy, value, and reliability. The design team provides factory acceptance test services based on customized FAT documents developed specifically for each application.
  • Integrated IoT: Through IoT (Internet of Things) solutions, ASC offers leading systems integration. IoT not only streamlines operations and increases efficiency, but also allows for solutions management and oversight. By leveraging contemporary analytics, customers are able to remotely monitor their robust systems and solutions. ASC utilizes customizable platforms to deliver a valuable and data-driven end-user experience.

OEM Product Manufacturing

ASC offers a wide array of technology processes and design development to offer OEM solutions across a multitude of industries. These services include “Think Tank” product development which aligns with an OEM’s end-user marketability and design performance. ASC offers rebranding opportunities for OEM’s to further differentiate themselves in their respective industry.

3D Printing / Laser Engraving

ASC delivers 3D Printing and Laser Engraving on both standalone and integrated services. All solutions are fully customizable and design services are readily available. Laser engraving is utilized for all panel solutions in order to result in a professional and high-quality end product.

PCB / Design & Assembly

With required customization of many projects ASC offers complete design service for printed circuit boards. From conceptual to complex, we can assist with whatever your current needs are. New designs in early development, schematic engineering, PCB  layout and routing, Bill of material creation, ASC can help you with you PCB.

Field Upgrades / Troubleshooting

ASC understands that many solutions currently in place in industrial and manufacturing environments mean that an in-person, on-site approach is needed. Through our robust field engineering support team, ASC can deliver on-site field upgrades. This is inclusive of working with electrical and construction contractors to offer all-inclusive services to fit your needs. Many systems currently in place have a need for footprint, size or capacity upgrades that are only fully understood through a comprehensive field analysis. Call us today to discuss your specific on-site needs.
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